The Importance of Communicating the Realtor Commissions Process


These days agents are having clients sign Buyer Agency Agreements, usually providing for the payment of commissions at 2.5 %. Unfortunately many of the transactions involved for sale by owner deals, or deals with discounters, do not provide for the Buyer’s agent to get the 2.5%.  As such, the Buyer will be responsible for any shortfall in the commission that the agent receives as a result of these types of arrangements.

However we are not expecting commission statements on purchases. On a sale, if we do not have a commission statement, we would naturally call to get one.  On purchases, we would not, so it is imperative to not only fax or email the statement, but to also follow up to ensure it has been received by us. It is preferable to email us but please always follow-up to ensure we have the required commission statement by phone.

It is advisable to inform the Buyers of the likely situation that commission might be payable, so they are not overwhelmed or surprised during their signing process with our offices.  If and when a clear line of communication is addressed between all parties (Buyers, Agents and the Law Firm), the ability to obtain and remit commission to the brokerages is far easier.

A Buyer’s hesitancy to assist Agents throughout the transaction is due to the fact that they could be paying commission which was not contemplated in the situation.  As a result to avoid any miscommunication or delay, it would be prudent to explain all possible scenarios to the clients in light of the Buyers and Sellers communicating directly.

Prepared by : Donald J. Travers of Paquette Travers & Deutschmann

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